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Hello! I am @javiaurea, I'm focused on web interfaces design and on front-end development responsive, clean, flexible, optimized

aurea webdesign

aurea webdesign is my little studio. Which is the goal? Take part in some projects to create more efficient and creative websites, accessible to all the users.

  • I am part of a technical team of WeblogsSL. Nowadays, I carry out the services development of some enterprises in Wordpress.
  • And in Konstantin lab We seek to create new web-ecomm experiences.
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Skills what I know

Design / the beautiful

User eXperience

The first thing is to understand the users and their aims through the architecture of the information, and showing the contents with easily manipulated wireframes. (invision)

User Interface

Try to join useful things to agreeable ones, functional things to beautiful ones, and thinking that details are not only the details, but those that make the design attractive. icon wink

Responsive web design

Creating a web able to be adapted to the user and his environment , being computers, laptops, tablet, mobile or smart TV. An exclusive and responsive web.

Development / the functional


Writing a minimum and a clean code, based on web standards and related to semantics and SEO. Using HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, jQuery, Bootstrap... de forma ágil con gulp, Bower and Browsersync.


Follow widely theWCAG, WAI-ARIA, thanks to this, the website can be used for more people around the world.


Developing PHP since 2001, a mature and stable language, connected to the efficiency of MySQL databases. I am specialised in Wordpress with sage-roots, my favourite CMS.

Thinking what inspires me

The golden reason, as the confluence of art with science to reach a beauty that always tends to perfection.
aurea proportion

The details aren’t the details, but those that create the design.

Charles Eames

In order to improve, you must study your niche in depth, but always knowing others’ niche. Going depth vertically but knowing horizontally.

Alberto Knapp

I am neither an expert user nor an expert programmer, but I know and work behind these fields. I think that I am able to design better an focus on front-end, where I have chosen to grow professionally

They those who trust

  • Coca-Cola
  • WeblogsSL
  • SocialMediaSL
  • UOC
  • DAD
  • Moss
  • Mulket
  • Konstantin lab
  • Wemories

Blog what I write

Dossier aurea webdesign 2016

Muy orgulloso del resultado de mi nuevo dossier aurea webdesign 2016 :-). Destacaría algunos pequeños detalles -que por cierto cada vez me doy más cuenta- que no son solo “detalles” ...