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Server on Interxion Datacenter (Spain).

  • Only for projects from aurea webdesign
  • Prices represent annual fees and are non-inclusive of tax – IVA.

Web hosting uses and services

Control panel

The Web hosting is integrated with the Plesk control panel, which is an application that allows the management of the Web hosting account.

This tool is user friendly so it is not necessary to have IT knowledge. You will be able to interact easily with all the resources.

See the advantages of the control panel Plesk.

Domains and subdomains

  • Hosted subdomains and domains management.
  • Redirected subdomains and domains management.
  • Unlimited administration – DNS (A, CNAME, MX, NS).

E-mail – FTP

  • Complete account administration (FTP).
  • Complete mailbox management
  • Own outgoing mail server (SMTP).
  • Configuration of redirected email accounts.
  • Including Webmail to manage mail through the web.
  • Automatic email responders.
  • AntiSpam filter at the server.
  • Catch-all.

Web server

  • Support PHP, Perl, CGI, Scripts, Applets Java, XML.
  • Management of password protected zones.
  • Broad band savings, compression module (GZIP).
  • Error pages that can be personalised, such as error 404 (not found).
  • Submission form support.
  • Extensions management (front-page).


  • Complete management of databases (MySQL).
  • Database management tool (PHPMyAdmin).
  • Complete user management (MySQL).


  • Client resource measurement (total and used resources).
  • Integrated antivirus at the server.
  • Logs and access statistics (WebAlizer, AWStats).

Services, warranty and support

  • Free registration and one week money back guarantee.
  • Possibility of resource expansion.
  • Technical support.

Technical characteristics


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Servers are located in a high redundant capacity data network with multihomed connectivity.

They include uninterrupted feeding systems, generator, rack case with forced ventilation and temperature control.

The objective is to achieve maximum speed, stability and connectivity forWeb hosted projects.