Javier Fernández Rivera

Web designer & frontend (freelance)


IA, UX, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, Bootstrap, RWD, gulp, Bower, Browsersync, jQuery, WCAG, WAI-ARIA, SEO, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, sage-roots.

Hard / Soft

iMac, Macbook pro, iPad, iPhone, Time capsule, Sony Vaio / Visual Studio, Sketch, Photoshop, MAMP, Sourcetree, transmit, SequelPro, inbox, hangout, Spotify and my indispensable

Other passions

Trip, gastronomy, nature, hockey, snowboard, inline skating, jazz, London, and I Asturias.

It's the brand from which I design web interfaces and web development.

It's the team I belong to since 2009, dev. services to companies in WP.

It's a project from which we seek to create new web-ecomm experiences.

Experience; What I did

aurea webdesign 2006 - present

Coca-Cola, UOC, DAD, VidrioMoss, Cinemavip, Moneytrackin, Wemories, Kangarooster, BAQUIA, Mulket...

2009 - present WeblogsSL

ING, Philips, Renault, Cervezas Alhambra, Siemens, Lenovo, Toyota, El Corte Inglés, Loreal, Sage, eBay, Jazztel, Bershka, SocialMedia, burn...

inmoexplora v2 2016 - present

It is a powerful online software (multiplatform) for real estate agencies or franchise networks. Increases sales of real estate, improves its positioning on the Internet and streamlines real estate management.

2015 - present Konstantin lab

The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but you can not live in the cradle forever.Konstantín Eduárdovich. 1857/1935. Known "Father of Cosmonautics".

The traditional websites still works, but the users, you, I, any person, demand other alternatives and experiences of use adapted.

And that is our mission: to devise and implement strategies to conquer those people.

CEPA 2014

I gave a intensive course of Wordpress for journalists and designers.

2013 Deviceponsive

I've created this app to quickly show customers a responsive website preview on different resolutions and devices like Macbook, iPad, or iPhone.

Coca-Cola 2011

"El Almacén de la Illusion", object exchange project (based on truequi) for the 2010 Coca-Cola Christmas campaign in Spain.


2008 truequi

It was a platform for the exchange of objects, although it was not limited to the mere act of barter, the exchanged objects took on a life of their own with every exchange and social networks.

Eulalia Ujo School 2007

Computer teacher for students from 3 to 6 of EGB. And Internet course for parents of students.

2006 Teaching

Private teacher of the fundamentals of programming, C language, databases and scripts in linux.

Avanti 21 2005

Projects for: ALCOA, IDEPA, Fundación Barredo.

2004 inmoexplora

The first version (with PHP3).

IRCOrioN 2001 - 2003

It was a script for IRC. It was published in reports and tutorials on scripting under mIRC, in the @rroba magazine. In 2002 it became one of the most used in Spain and Latin America. I put this project in the portfolio because it was here that I started to become interested in interaction design and programming.

1988 & 1998 AMSTRAD & PENTIUM

When I was 6 years old, my father brought my first computer, an Amstrad. Much later my grandfather would give me a Pentium MMX at 266MHz.

Interview by Mosaic

Javier Fernández Rivera, Degree in Multimedia By UOC. He is Web designer at Aurea, a personal and business initiative created in 2006.

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Education; What I Learned

Mobile Web Best Practices w3dev campus by W3C

Know the limitations with mobile devices and the way to overcome them in order to offer the best possible experience to a wide range of users.

Usability and web Accessibility ctic W3C spain

Course taught by the people in charge of W3C Spanish Office. Using accessibility guidelines and developing interactive solutions under usability premises.

Information Architecture apei

Where I have met Yusef Hassan Montero, with who I have learned and practice issues regarding information architecture, interfaz, user experience and interaction design.

Web Standards and Accesibility ctic W3C spain

Where I was lucky to have Torres Burriel as teacher. The topics discussed were accessibility guidelines and web standards. Also experimentation to avoid the breach of such standards.

EHEA Degree in multimedia uoc university

For 4 years I was able to study several exciting subjects in detail, some of them were: design, web architecture, video on the web, interfaces, usability and scripting of interactives, see more...

The Semantic Web uoc university

Here I could know the potential of Web Semantic (known as the Web 3.0): DTD, RDF and RDF-Schema, XML, N-Triples, SeRQL.

Associated Degree in IT safaur institute

Apart from studying the usual IT subjects, I took special interest in networks and protocols, C language programming, scripts, and databases.

HTML5, CSS3 Workshop adigital

Semantics, multimedia, new questionnaires, APIs in HTML5 and CSS3 advanced techniques.

The best school… from 1998, internet

Much of what I’ve learned I owe to the Internet, and that might be why I feel obligated to give this knowledge back to the web. This is one of the reasons why I write in this web’s blog.

They; Those who trust

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Big or small clients have in common that everyone has given me a vote of confidence. From here I want thank you, as each project contributes to the growth of the profession.